Thai Massage


The basic structure of Thai massage, which has been made in Thailand for 2,500 years and is one of the traditional Thai healing arts, is the traditional medicine of Indian Yoga and China. It is made in the whole body on a semi-hard ground. This massage, which can be applied with a lot of stretching, stretching, stretching and pressure movements, is performed in a time period from one and a half hours to four hours and the pressure applied by taking the pain threshold of the person during the session is adjusted. The idea that "Thai massage is a very painful massage" heard among the public is not true. The important thing is the sensitivity of the therapist who applies the massage.

Thai massage is an application that aims to heal natural and human health both mentally and physically in the light of Far East philosophy and knowledge. Technically; And passive yoga movements to provide point press and joint flexibility and mobility on energy channels to provide energy flow balance in the body.

Traditional Thai massage is a very effective massage type that separates from known types of massage, eliminating physical diseases, joint and muscle problems and regulating your energy balance. Today, many techniques applied by physiotherapists are originated from Thai massage. At the end of the session, the person feels self-refreshed and all energy channels are open.